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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To A Beautiful New Year!!

I really do believe that what you are on the inside is what reflects to the outside.
As we come into 2013 I hope you are all feeling as optimistic about the future as I am!
Here’s to change and positive movement forward as we start our New Year’s Resolutions with some things that will benefit us all. 
Tips for feeling beautiful from the inside out:
  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal. Jot down a couple of things you are grateful for. No matter how mundane. Write something different everyday. Think simple things... flowers, snow, ice, dogs, children’s laughter, snow tires... 
  2. Imagine the possibilities. Anthony Robbins says, “If you can’t imagine or “see" yourself doing something, you will never be able to achieve it”. So whether your goal is to be a size 9 or your goal is to run a marathon, you need to visualize yourself everyday doing this thing you hope to achieve. 
  3. Uplift others through your words. Say a positive word. Every day, in your contact with others try to find something to compliment them on. "Awesome scarf." "Nice jeans.” "Love your smile!" No matter how small the gesture seems, this is something that makes everyone feel beautiful about themselves and what better gift can you give? 
  4. Create a sanctuary.  We are "the Refuge" from the outside world for our families. Whether you are someone’s big sister, a little brother, a husband, wife or mother, it is easy to do some little random act of kindness. Try something as simple as a post-it note with a sweet message. It is our privilege to protect, nurture, care for and compliment our loved ones. It will make you beautiful in their eyes.
  5. Take time for yourself. When you fill your cup, you are much more able to to be there to “fill others”. Take a long bath, a hot cup of tea with a book, a facial and a pedicure. Whatever “your” indulgence is... It is important that you refuel. They are going to need you when they get home! And you are going to be much more patient with everyone when you are taking care of yourself. 
I would love to hear about things you do to make yourself feel beautiful, physical or metaphysical. 
Please feel free to share in the comments below any ideas or tips that help you. 
Good luck to you on whatever lofty New Year’s resolutions you may have. 
To a fresh new beginning and a beautiful new year inside and out! 

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