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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fun Hair Tutorials

I thought this week would be the perfect time to direct you to some videos to spark your imagination on ways to mix up your style this spring. We love playing with these ideas around here considering I am living in a house of girls. Here are a couple of our favorite videos that we have actually tried.
No Heat Paper Bag Curls 
This is the look we ended up with...
Yes, I deserve mother of the year award for this! I must tell you it is very time consuming but should the REVOLUTION ever really begin, Lauren will be able to curl her hair just the same.

The next look we really liked, and had to try is the headband curls to beachy waves.
Ummm... if you end up with a good result from this one I would like to see it. We had some really definite crimps in the hair that didn’t look quite right. Maybe the texture of Sam’s hair not sure.
Can’t find the picture right now, but will post it as soon as I find it.

The next look I fell in love with was the Valentine Bride look. Here is the photo that was my inspiration.
And here is the video that Makayla and I made showing how to do it. Probably not yourself... but. You could take it to your stylist or to me and we could fix you up.

So this is the short list of styles you must try this summer. 
If you have any styles that you like to use that require no heat and would like to try this summer please drop me a link and show me or tell what you would like to experiment with. 
Thanks for stopping by my blog. 
Hope you all have a fabulous week!
Michon :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mini Escapes

Spring break is over and the tax man has been paid, so it seems all that we have to look forward to is longer days (yeah!!), and yard work. Well, all work and no play makes for a sad Jack and a pitiful Jill. There is no time left in the schedule to get away and enjoy long weekends for awhile yet, but you need to think of a way to refresh yourself. Here are some solutions that may help you through a mundane work week, which you can do on your lunch hour. Pampering services done in less than sixty minutes. 
Think of them as little mini escapes...
  • Blow out: Letting someone else do the work for you can make you feel valued and special. Especially if you have thick curly hair or you have a meeting later that you would like to look stunning for. 
  • Manicure: A basic manicure will take approximately 30 minutes, leaving you time to eat and read a chapter in your novel. Going back to work with pretty patties makes anyone feel pampered.
  • Massage: No undressing, no oily mess to deal with. You can get a 10, 15, or 20 minute neck and shoulder massage that will leave you feeling great for the rest of the day. 
  • Mini Facial: Get a 30-minute facial. Hydration facials can be done quickly by avoiding the eye area. With a quick application of tinted BB cream and a touch of blusher, you will go back to work glowing.
  • Quick Style: Come in with clean dry hair and have your stylist whip up something fun. Try a messy bun or a low swung bun with a braid twisted into it. Here is a link to my favorite quick styles to try.
  • Sunless Tan: Weekends of shorts or capris coming up and those legs have not seen daylight in months? Spray tan is the ticket. Pacific Tan even has a coupon out for buy 2 sessions-get one free!  
  • Waxing: Get an eyebrow, leg, lip or bikini wax on your lunch hour and save yourself the extra running around on the weekend trying to fit it all in. Now there is an invigorating way to spend your afternoon. 

I hope you find a few ways to give yourself some R&R this month. And while you are doing so, remember that Mother’s Day is on May 12th and any or all of these would make a great gift for that woman who takes care of everyone else all the time!
Thank you for stopping by my blog. 
Happy Spring!
It is looking like it may stick around this time! 

Michon :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Surprising Acne Causers!

In honor of some of my favorite Reno clients, teenagers,  I thought this would be a timely post for you, since you’re out of school and actually have time to check the blog!  :)
A new landmark compilation of studies has been done showing that 50 years of research may in fact prove once and for all that there is a link between diet and acne. The study is showing that we should be looking at diet, in combination with hormones. And you may be surprised by a few of the culprits at the source of the problem.
  1. Milk is being called out as one. One particular study showed a definite link between teenage boys and the consumption of milk.
  2. Eating a diet high on the GI index (glycemic index). These foods would include processed sugars of any kind and even breads and potatoes. Here is a complete list of high GI foods to avoid. 
  3. Fish Oil. Although it is suppose to be great for your health in every other way some studies are popping up showing that it actually increases the production of testosterone, which is a huge culprit in the cause of acne for teenagers in particular.
  4. Eat more soy products. Soy creates more estregon in the body than whole proteins such as beef and chicken. This is recommended more for teens and not adults. (Adults should shy away from soy, due to the breast cancer connection for now).  It will give you the protein you need without the added testosterone. 
  5. Not enough water. Your skin is comprised of 90% water. If your diet is not in sink with this ratio that could add to your problem. Try to keep your diet, water based, lots of fruits and veggies. Raw, preferably and if you hate them raw try to steam them lightly, to retain as much moisture and vitamins as possible. 
Sadly this may or may not be the cure, or end to the dislike of your skin at the moment. But it may help a bit. I am very passionate about this subject, having such a problem as I did as a teen. And I have three daughters that are struggling with the same issues, so this subject is very near and dear to my heart.
Thanks for checking in on my blog. If you have any tips or ideas that have helped you to get closer to your ideal skin and avoid acne I would LOVE to hear them. 
Please leave your comments in the link below. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Men and March Madness

March Madness has been all the talk this past month. There is another topic of “madness” I hear from many of the men that sit in my chair.  I bet you can guess what it is...Balding. Men are obsessed with it! Even when I try to convince some of myclients that women are really not that shallow and many of us actually find abald head sexy, they are not biting. So as a stylist, it is my job to try and bring my clients what they want. As we move into the final four, let me expound on the things out there in the market that really work for hair loss and premature balding. 
  1. Propecia, Finasteride, Minoxidil and Dutasteride are prescription medicines that are showing promising results. The downside of these medications is that once you stop using them, the hair loss returns. Side effects range from chronic dry eye, possible liver problems, and increase of breast cancer to decreased libido. sources: #1, #2
  2. A healthier option:  Sulfur is being reported and has been witnessed by me personally, to help regrow hair. One client astounded me in particular. I saw hair regrowth that was substantial! Sulfur is a naturally occurring chemical that we do not get enough of these days. It enables the transport of oxygen across cell membranes and is necessary for healthy cellular regeneration. NaturoDoc has an in-depth study available online here. They sell the sulfur online, no bad side effects like the prescription drugs, and best of all NaturoDoc is a local company located in Washoe Valley! (It is important to talk to your doctor before taking large amounts of this or any other supplement)
  3. Thickening shampoo: Depending on the extent of hair loss,you can use thickening shampoos. They could be the thing for you! These shampoos have extracts and chemicals that will “plump” up the hair shaft and create a fuller look for you. 
  4. Strategic haircut: Talk to your stylist about doing things to minimize your weak spots. Say you’re receding; growing the front out a little more may hide this area. Or if you are thinning on top, leaving it a little longer can make it look thicker. 
  5. Coloring: This is an excellent option if your hair is lighter or turning grey. Tinting or dying the hair creates an optical illusion that will make it look like you have more hair. 
  6. Disguise it: There are a number of hair fiber products on the market to look into. Toppik, Organin, Caboki, and DermMatch are just afew. They add fibers that attach to your hair and make it look like you have more hair than you actually do. Here is a link to a demo for one of them.
  7. Be proud of it! Wear it like a badge of honor. Think Bruce Willis, Dwayne "The Rock” Johnson,   ’Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Vin Diesel, Yul Brenner and Michael Jordan, just to name a few. You can’t even imagine these men with hair now. And they are all very sexy and powerful men. 
My wish for you as we wrap up this installment is that your brackets all pay off and that your hair growth will increase (if that is what you wish for) which in turn will require you to come into the salon for more frequent visits! :)
Till next week.
Michon :)