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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Behind the chair and at home...

Today's blog post is photo heavy!
I have several photos to share...
I am catching up on photos I haven't posted in a while so please forgive the photo heavy post here.
This is first photo is of a messy bun! The perfect look for summer fun!
My middle daughter Makayla has a ton of hair so she really makes this look good.

Last August she turned 16 and we had to do the big Sweet 16 party for her. After many hours on Pinterest and much debate she came up with a bunch of beautiful cakes that she thought would best suit her and her desires and interests at this landmark birthdate. After looking at all the cakes and the colors this is the cake that I secretly made for her. She was delighted thankfully. (Cake decorators are underpaid btw, this was a long painful process for me!)
Then my beautiful client Kerin. Have known her since she was a little girl and now she is a beautiful competent adult living on her own! Crazy! Anyhow I am getting melocholy here! She came in for low lights. Feeling bleached out from the summer sun and ready to get a little more adventurous!  She asked for red. The coloring in the photo does not do the red justice.
Then there is Jodi! Bless her heart. She was ready for a big life change including a job change. So she wanted to achieve something a little more styled but keeping the length. So this is what I came up with. We colored the grey and highlighted the top and length. Here is the result.
That's it for today kids!!
Thanks for tuning in and not giving up on me!
Hope you are all having creative, fantastic, happy days!
Michon :)