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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Facial Night

So we had a fun, if not eventful, night this evening...
We tried the wonderful avocado mask that I recommended a few nights back with mixed results.
Two of my fairest, most sensitive skin girls were pretty red and sensitive.
My youngest ended up with small welts on her cheeks!
We all exfoliated as directed, the only difference was that she also added her acne serum before I applied the facial. Not sure if that is what did it or what?  The Benadryl and cool compresses brought it down before bedtime.  I just wanted to warn anyone out there to possibly patch test for this facial. None of the rest of us had any sort of reaction except Sam and I had itchy eyes? I love cucumbers. I eat them all the time! They felt so cool and awesome on my eyes and I see it all the time in the magazines and yet I wanted to itch my eyeballs out when we were done.
So beware of that as well!
Cool compresses to our eyes cured that!
Till next time,

Michon :)

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