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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to have a stress free wedding day.

The last thing you want be doing on your wedding day is worrying. The way you look in front of all those people and on those irreplaceable photos is important to every bride. So plan ahead and get the consultations out of the way. Here are some quick tips for the bride to be to take into consideration. 
  1. Consult with your stylist. If you are lucky enough to know exactly how you want to wear your hair on the big day talk to your stylist about it. When a client tells me they are getting married in 8 months all I think about when I am cutting and styling their hair at that point is what we need to do to get their hair the length, the color and in perfect condition for that photo op. 
  2. Bring photos. The internet is such an amazing source for ideas. Just google wedding hair and your screen will be full of ideas that you can show to your stylist. Try a different one every time you get your hair cut till you find the one you know will work for you. 
  3. Clean, dry product free hair. Hair needs to be completely dry, unless you have fine hair that "needs" the blowout. Avoid using conditioners or leave in products that can make your hair slippery and hard to work with for your updo. 
  4. Look like yourself. Get your makeup done a couple of times before the big day and make sure you are getting the look you want. The perfect shade of foundation and lip stick are the most crucial things in my opinion. 
  5. Wear falsies. Eyelashes may make you feel a little self conscious at first, but you will love the way they look in the photos. Have your professional help you find the style that is right for you. 
  6. Lipstick. You are going to be kissing a million people that day. You do not want to be leaving your lipstick all over everyone nor do you want to be reapplying. I recommend finding a shade in this brand. It will last all night guaranteed. 
Hope these little tips help you have a stress free wonderful day. 
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