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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What is BRONDE or Bronding?

Celebrity Stylist Kim Vo coined the term "Bronde" back in 2011. Well, fast forward, and it is now one of the hottest trends going for Summer 2014.  It is a brunette with sun-kissed highlights. The highlights are strategically placed around the head, heavier in some places and lighter in others. The shades can range from a sunny pale yellow hue to a yummy dark carmel. The trickiest part about coloring darker hair is that you need to be sure you are using a tint with the right amount of ash or violet in the formula so that you don't end up being brassy and orange looking. I wouldn't recommend trying it yourself. Color correction appointments are much more expensive than just getting it done right the first time.
This is one of my favorite color techniques to do. Check out my Pinterest hair board to see all the beautiful brondes I just pinned to get a better overview of this trend that is taking hold.
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