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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why Use A Dry Shampoo?

As I have gotten older, my hair is not the greasy nastiness that it was as a teen. I can typically go 2-3 days without shampooing as long as I have something that makes my hair smell nice and clean. I finally found that product. Pureology has outdone it's self once again! This relatively new product has revolutionized the industry!  Even after a hard workout I can spray this "wonder spray" at my roots and style away and it still smells great with no tack, no flakes and no problems. There are a number of reasons that people are starting to look more and more at dry shampoos. Let's look at some.
  1. Here in Reno, NV we have ABSOLUTELY NO, moisture or humidity in the air. Our skin and hair dry out here faster than most any place in the continental United States. As a result using traditional shampoo with or without sulfates can dry and damage your hair. If you can give up just two days a week of shampooing to use a dry shampoo instead you can expect stronger, healthier and longer hair. 
  2. Water in many places is now in short supply. Plus we live in the desert! (if my children hear me say that one more time, they will probably kick me). Every little bit that we can conserve, especially  at this time of shortage will help! Right?! I found a great website here that gives 100+ more ways to conserve water and use it wisely. 
  3. Better hair days. Many of my clients have commented on how much better their hair is the second day. This is because after a traditional shampoo your hair is more or less completely stripped of all oils. The dry shampoo approach allows you the benefit of using "the second day effect" more than just the second day! Fine hair and course hair clients alike have mentioned that their hair behaves better with a little product in it.
  4. Convenience. In the locker room, after a long flight, after a long night... There are many times when it is frankly just too much work to start over. If your hair is even half way decent a couple of quick sprays from this magic can and you can be back in the game. Did I mention it smells amazing? 
Even if none of the rest of the steps above were true, which they are of course. I would still be sold on this awesome, product. Did I say how great it smells? :)
Now for a give away. Leave me a comment below about why you would or why you would not think skipping a day of shampooing would be a good idea. I will choose a random comment to win a free travel size of this fabulous new product. 
Thanks for stopping in! 
Hope you have a fantastic week! 
Michon :)

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