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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Men's Color

Lately I have been getting quit a bit of interest about men's color. And interestingly, they are saying they do not want to lose all their grey. Blended or less than prominent is the request. The problem for men is that with as short as most of them wear their hair you do not want to use traditional dyes and colors as you would for a woman. The line of demarcation would be too drastic against the white/gray coming in. There are a couple of answers I have found through the years that can help.
  1. Grecian Hair formula. This has been a "go to" for men for years. The downside of this process is that the color quite often turns orangey or un-natural looking for many. 
  2. Your stylist can weave some darker color into the over all color during a regular color appointment. This typically requires a hour to an hour and half depending on the amount and length of your hair.
  3.  Redken Camo Color is a salon color created especially for men. It does not pull color on the brassy side as many colors can and it is semi-permanent. Which means it will fade off gradually, and it is fast! 10 minutes in the chair and your done! 
  4. Brush on color with your stylist. This is my preferred method for men with shorter hair. After we achieve the desired length, I then go through very light handed and brush the predominantly grey areas and lift areas where needed, to create an overall look that is still has some "proof of wisdom," but does not look "too old." This appointment only takes and hour including the haircut. 
So if you feel like you are looking older on the outside than you feel on the inside. Don't despair! There are answers. Even right here in cowboy country Nevada. Guys are doing it. They may not be talking about it, but trust me. They are doing it! ;) 

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Michon :)

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