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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fun Hair Tutorials

I thought this week would be the perfect time to direct you to some videos to spark your imagination on ways to mix up your style this spring. We love playing with these ideas around here considering I am living in a house of girls. Here are a couple of our favorite videos that we have actually tried.
No Heat Paper Bag Curls 
This is the look we ended up with...
Yes, I deserve mother of the year award for this! I must tell you it is very time consuming but should the REVOLUTION ever really begin, Lauren will be able to curl her hair just the same.

The next look we really liked, and had to try is the headband curls to beachy waves.
Ummm... if you end up with a good result from this one I would like to see it. We had some really definite crimps in the hair that didn’t look quite right. Maybe the texture of Sam’s hair not sure.
Can’t find the picture right now, but will post it as soon as I find it.

The next look I fell in love with was the Valentine Bride look. Here is the photo that was my inspiration.
And here is the video that Makayla and I made showing how to do it. Probably not yourself... but. You could take it to your stylist or to me and we could fix you up.

So this is the short list of styles you must try this summer. 
If you have any styles that you like to use that require no heat and would like to try this summer please drop me a link and show me or tell what you would like to experiment with. 
Thanks for stopping by my blog. 
Hope you all have a fabulous week!
Michon :)

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