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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Be Beautiful Valentine!

As we approach this Hallmark card occasion,  I thought I would share a couple of fun things to do, whether you are single or in a relationship, that are beautiful and easy to do! Pick and choose as many as you like from the list below to create a week long celebration without breaking the bank!
  1. Say Something Sweet: Lotion your hands lightly and then write on the mirror of your bathroom. When your sweetie gets out of the shower and the room is all steamy, your declaration of love will be visible! Send a series of texts throughout the day with all of the things you love about them. Put post-it notes on the car steering wheel, in their lunchbox, in his gym bag, in her purse. At the end of the day they will come home to greet you knowing they are loved and appreciated.
  2. Feed Them Something Delicious: There are a lot of ways to let your food do the talking. Here is a short list of ideas I like to do on my Pinterest Valentine Board. Don’t have time to cook? Nothing says I love you like having someone treat you to dinner and giving you the night off from cooking and cleaning. If you decide not to stay in and cook up something special, I found this list of all of the local specials including pricing. I would imagine you should call for reservations today if you haven’t gotten to that yet this week! ;)
  3. Do Something Sexy: For the ladies, check out this blog post for the best possible lipstick you can wear on Valentine's Day. Don’t leave that lipstick all over his face and shirt! He will thank you for this one, I promise! For the gentlemen, spray a little cologne on when you get home and freshen up a bit after work, then go put your hand to her face and tell her she is beautiful. 
  4. Touch them: Whether you are planning your Valentine's surprise for a significant other, children, or grandchildren, we all respond to touch. An impromptu scalp and shoulder massage from behind while he is at the computer. A foot rub for your little kids as they are reading before bed. Everyone appreciates a good old fashion back rub. Not into touching anyone right now? A gift certificate for a massage is a fabulous gift for anyone! 
  5. Be Beautiful: Take a care package down to Tent City for a homeless person. Brand new warm socks or gloves filled with Valentine treats and maybe a little cash. Pay for the person behind you in the Starbucks drive-through. Write a letter or a thank you note to someone that has made a difference in your life. Donate to one of your favorite local charities this week. Local charities typically have much lower overhead administrative costs so more of your money goes directly to the recipients. Charitable donations drop off severely after the holidays. You all know my favorite local charity Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation. (just one suggestion). 
We pretty much covered the five senses here plus the heart with that last one. I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day! Please share this post with all of your friends that are looking for last minute Valentine's ideas and leave me a comment with your favorite ideas for making life sweeter this time of year. I would love to see what you like to do.  
Thank you for stopping by.

Michon :)

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