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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Future Miss Reno Ink

So I have started this little venture of working with local photographers in the area for hair and makeup shots. I love my client Kourtni. She is one of my bravest little clients haha! And not just with her hair.
She is trying out for Miss Reno Ink. Anyone that can brave tattoos has my respect. I hate needles!!
So we did some special things with her hair extensions for the occasion.

She bought blonde extensions and matched up her hair color and then used an Ombre technique using Pravana Pink, Blue and Purple for the ends.
We already had some pink in her bangs so I weaved a little more pink and some purple into the bangs to refresh for the photo shoot.
Having a professional take shots of your work makes such a huge difference from just my behind the chair shots in the studio with my iPhone.
Diane is such a fun loving energetic lady and a local photographer, owner of Apex Productions.
They specialize in wedding videos but Diane can shoot anything and anybody and make them look great!
Thank you for the help Diane!
Fun Day at the Salon! And the results speak for themselves.

You are Beautiful Kourtni, inside and out girl! (((((hugs)))))
Thanks for looking,

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