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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beautiful Bikini Bare!

Tis the season to bare more than you dare. Especially if you are not prepared in advance for that pool party or the last minute run up to Tahoe to get much needed lake time in! The season here is so pitifully short. Let's not waste time covering up or worrying about not being groomed properly for that itty bitty swim suit. Hair removal used to be a pretty basic order, but now days we have options. Lots of them.
  • Shaving is always going to the be standby for most of us. It is easy and accesible at all times. The downside to shaving is razor bumps and ingrown hair that can be painful. Here are my favorite tips for getting the best results. 1- Exfoliate to get rid of dead skin and bacteria. 2- Use a new razor with a moisture strip on either side of it. 3- Shave in the direction of the growth. 4- Dab a little Neosporin to moisturize and protect. These tips should help to cut down razor rash.  
  • Waxing is a great, although painful way to accomplish our goal. Waxing is done with use of a sticky or hard wax that is heated up and then applied to the skin and then strips of cloth are applied to the wax. the wax is then removed with quick motion in the direction of the growth of the hair. Downside of this procedure in my opinion is that you have to let the hair grow 1/8 to 1/4 long so that the wax has something to grip. 
  • Sugaring is very much the same thing as waxing except that it works better for those of us with sensitive skin. The sugar is just barely warm which keeps the safety factor up since there is no chance of being burned by wax that is too hot. Clean up is easy in that it comes off with water. The procedure is considered less painful by many since the sugar doesn't stick to the skin the way wax does. 
  • Depilatories are seen by many as a viable option but I have to disagree. Most creams have a very unpleasant aroma.  The chemicals that you are allowing to penetrate your body at a very sensitive area are concerning. The course hair down there is not easy to dissolve and some could remain leaving you with uneven results. And there is the chance that some of the chemical could migrate to an even more sensitive area and really send you howling. Enough said on this one! 
  • Laser hair removal is the Mercedes Benz of  hair removal. It is pricey but it is also permanent. The laser works best on people with light skin and dark hair. But everyone should go for a free consultation at least and look into it. When you compare it to the price of waxing and pain of ingrown hairs it is at least worth looking into. Don't go cheap! Lasers can leave scars if not being preformed by a skilled technician. So my recommendation would be no Groupons! :)
This covers most of the hair removal techniques out there. If you are interested in eyebrows or facial hair removal all the above apply and there is one other option available to you. That is called threading. I do not do threading but it looks like a fascinating technique. I can't imagine how it could possibly be any less painful that waxing but it is fun to watch
Hope you are all enjoying your beach time! Live it up while you can! Only 22 weeks till Christmas! 
Haha, thought you would like that! ;)
See you next week. 
Michon :) 

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